Reiki Attunement

Reiki I Attunement

A Reiki attunement is given when a Reiki Master initiates a student through activating chakras in the hands.  Once this process has taken place they are gifted with the ability to channel Reiki energy through their own hands.  They will then be in a position to heal oneself and others.


1 day course - £100

Reiki II Attunement

Reiki II attunement will give you to a deeper understanding of how Reiki I works.  During the day you will learn 3 symbols that will enable you to continue healing yourself and others, plus you will be able to send healing to, people, situations, past traumas etc.



1 day course - £120

Master Attunement

This course is recommended only after you have been practicing Reiki for sometime.  This allows you to understand how it can be used and what you can achieve.  This is important as you will be able to teach others once you are a Master.

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